We can build any Toyota you have! We have worked on FJ40 thru 200 series Land cruisers, Hilux’s, Surfs, 4Runners, Hiace vans, Trucks, etc. We are happy to work with you on even brand new trucks that you want to fit with a V8 engine. We have added several items in the last few months to fit 79 thru 2004 Toyota’s. Please see below which items you may need to help you build your very own 5vz, 2/3rz, 1uz, 2uz, 3uz, 1ur, 3ur powered rig. If you have questions about what is needed for your specific rig please just ask! We are happy to spend some time helping you get the correct parts for your rig!

If your looking at installing a 1UZ or 2UZ into another Toyota truck or SUV feel free to contact us and we would love to help you get your rig running.

If you have questions about installing a bell housing and flywheel/clutch kit; radiator, or wiring harness please visit the product installation page. We will be adding more write ups on product installation here soon. If you purchased a part and need assistance with installation please feel free to contract us and we will walk you thru the installation process.


Fly Wheel

Our flywheel is a brand new 27lb billet steel direct fit drilled flywheel designed to correctly fit the 1UZ/2UZ crank bolt pattern. The flywheel is 5 pounds heavier than a stock 3vz cast flywheel. This flywheel will provide more low end torque and maintain better engine speed while on and off road. This flywheel is designed to use a commonly available 3VZ pressure plate with the 3.4 throw out bearing for proper engagement of the clutch. Our flywheels are designed, machined and built in the USA.

Flywheel: item number NWT- 001 $439 plus shipping

LCfly LCfly1

Clutch Kit   

Duel Comp Clutch Kit 3VZ 1988-1995 (9 1/4″)

This was developed for both street and off-road racers requiring a more aggressive clutch without giving up every day drive ability. The key to this kit is the clutch disc. One side has metallic pucks for a positive hold and the other has our Pro clutch fiber lining providing a smoother engagement to retain drive ability.
We recommend this for street vehicles with high horsepower engines. This clutch is stiffer than stock, but not as stiff as our metallic clutch kit. Clutch kits come with the pressure plate, clutch disk, pilot bearing, modified 5VZ throw out bearing, and a new alignment tool. You will need the 3vz pressure plate and the  throw out bearing from a 5VZ for proper clutch engagement. This kit puts all those parts together for you in nice package and takes the ordering of multiple items away and saves you money over ordering them separately.

2100lb clamp force /HP limit 385 / Torque limit 385 ft. lbs.

Clutch kit to include: disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throw out bearing $429 item number NWT-002 plus shipping

Replacement throw out bearings $89 item number NWT-003 plus shipping

options: new flywheel bolts NWT-002A $39.95 or new pressure plate bolts NWT-002B$25.95 plus shipping


3.0 3VZ to 1UZ motor mounts. After several attempts to build a one size fits all 1UZ motor mount for both IFS and SAS trucks, we  built the perfect mount for the 1UZ in the tight Toyota engine bay. This mount is completely bolt on! This mount places the engine as far back in the engine bay as possible to leave room to work at the front of the engine, and up high enough as to allow engine to fit with IFS rigs. This kit does require slight modification of the steering relay rod, transmission cross member, and a small 1″ body lift is required. You must also use your 3.0 isolator pads. These are shipped painted black.  Our motor mounts are designed, machined, and built right here in the USA.

New style of Motor Mounts replace the need for the OEM motor mounts. This new design is a ultra trick style that bolt directly to the engine and frame design, so no need for isolator pads required for this style of mount. Dampening any vibration is controlled thru the use of poly bushings. No need to reuse any old parts!

Replacement red or black bushings are available please inquire!

3.0 V6  mounts $249 plus shipping item number NWT-005

22R/22RE mounts $249 plus shipping item number NWT-005A

2.7 3RZ to 2UZ engine.

For those looking to replace their 3rz engine with a little more pep we now have our new beef motor mounts available. 

2.7 to 2uz mounts $249 plus shipping item number NWT-0122

Build your own motor mounts

Some times you want to move an engine forward or backwards and just can’t find exactly what you want or need for your custom installation.

For those that want to build their own motor mounts but don’t have the tools or time to cut out the engine plates, frame plates, or side plates, source the correct bushings and bolts but have the fab skills to set an engine and weld the mounts together we have a kit for you.

This kit includes the CNC cut engine plates, frame mounting plate, bolt, nuts, washers, bushings. The only thing you supply is the engine, the rig and the time to weld this all together. This allows custom setups for those that want to place the engine in the bay themselves.

3.0 V6 and 22R/ 22RE, or custom installations: $189 item number NWT-006 plus shipping

Bell Housing:  

Bell housings-  We have a cast aluminum bell housing that will mount to the 1UZ engine and Toyota R150 5 speed transmission found behind your 3.0 and 3.4 Toyota. Our bell includes the bell, front input extension, and pivot mount. The slave cylinder mounting area is over sized in height and mounting location for a custom fit of your slave cylinder.  The mount is pre drilled for a slave cylinder, however you may need to trim, re-drill and tap,  new bolt holes depending on the slave cylinder you choose to use.

Bell housing for R150 from 3VZ 3.0: $ 549 item number NWT-007 plus shipping.

Bell housing for R150 from 5VZ 3.4: $649 item number NWT-008 plus shipping.


We offer custom built radiators for the truck and 4runner. This aluminum radiator will supply the cooling capacity needed for those long hot days at the beach or the trail. Our radiators offer duel row tubes that are 1″ in diameter. Our tanks are formed and TIG welded together so there is no epoxy on these tanks! These radiators are also designed with nutserts so you can order only the radiator and add the shroud, or the a/c system as you need or want them. This will save you time and money. Our radiators do require modification of the core support and front cross member. These units are designed, machined,  and built right here in the USA and have a 5 year warranty!

Radiator: $ 495 item number NWT-009 plus shipping

Radiator with internal tranny cooler $575 item number NWT-010 plus shipping

Radiator fan shroud: $ 100 item number NWT-011 plus shipping

16″ Spal HP pull fan $ 150 item number NWT-012 plus shipping

Single fan wiring harness with 3/8″ temp sender, (Adjustable from 180 to 210 degree’s) $139 item number NWT-013 plus shipping

In line temp sensor adaptor. This unit fits inline with your coolant hose and has a threaded adaptor hole. Your temp sensor will thread into this adaptor.  $35 plus shipping item number NWT-097

Billet Radiator 16lb cap $25 item number NWT-014 plus shipping

Full frame 14×20 A/C condenser $220 item number NWT-015 plus shipping

External Automatic transmission cooler 12″ $73 item number NWT-016 plus shipping

External Automatic transmission cooler 20″ $105 item number NWT-017 plus shipping

DSC03607 DSC03610


Wiring harness:

We offer several wiring harness options. A stand a lone harness,  a piggyback harness, a full vehicle replacement harness! We offer OBD1, OBD2, and VVT options.  These are custom built to your year of rig and the year of engine.  Contact is needed to gather all the information we need to make this wiring harness for your rig. This will make the nightmare of wiring your rig  and make it feel like a walk in the park. Our wiring harness are designed,  and made right here in the USA. These harness’s are mostly plug and play with Toyota connectors. There are only a few spliced connections that will need to be completed during installation. Please contact for details or questions.

When ordering here is what we will need from you!

From Donor Vehicle:

  • VIN, only if 100% certain of engine origin, OR-
  • Toyota ECU and engine harness part numbers (8966x-xxxxx & 82121-xxxxx)
  • Model Year
  • Model
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • Manual or Automatic Transmission

From Your Vehicle:

  • VIN
  • Year Model
  • Model
  • Original Engine
  • Manual or Automatic Transmission (originally)
  • Indicate specific transmission to be used in conversion
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • If using 3.0L version of Auto Transmission, indicate transfer case to be used
  • Suspension type (original or modified)
  • For 89-95 Truck, 90-95 4Runner, Indicate if ADD (Auto-Hub) system is in use

Core Connectors:
For some applications we will need core connectors from you. If your vehicle is an ’85-’90, we need two connectors. These are on the 22RE or 3VZ-E ENGINE harness, behind/near the ECU connectors. They are the 2 connectors that join the engine harness to the body/dash harness. Cut them from the ENGINE harness w/ 1-3″ of wire lead. Note, we will fill w/ new wire terminals. We will send a label for a small flat rate box through USPS.

We can rebuild/ delete non needed sub wiring systems from your engine harness as well. Our rebuild service included replacing any broken, brittle, missing plugs. We also rewrap the entire harness so it will look and work as if new. Please inquire if your interested in this option.

If your missing or have a broke sub harness, we have added the option of replacement Alternator sub harness and knock sensor harness’s.  We also do the following harness options.

2/3RZ engine swap, 2UZ, Stand-alone, full body harness, diesel engine swap harness’s, etc. If you need a harness let us know.

Wiring harness: Starting at $925 item number NWT-018 plus shipping.

Alternator sub harness for 1st gen 1uz engines

For lots of guys doing the 1uz swap they find the alternator sub harness is missing, broke, or cut and of no use. We are not able to offer a solution for that missing alternator harness. We are building a brand new sub harness that uses factory Toyota plugs.

Alternator sub harness item number NWT-094 $249 plus shipping

Under hood fuse wire kit
Toyota usually placed the main under hood fuse box on the right passenger side of the vehicle up on the inner fender. Originally the battery was located right in front of the fuse box and made applying power easy. Most of the time after an engine swap the battery and air box have to swap places. For this instance we offer a complete kit including the following items to make this power supply swap easy.
Our kit includes 5′ of 8 gauge multi strand copper wire, 8 gauge butt connector and 8 gauge 5/16″ eye connector, heat shrink tubing, and 5′ of conduit to complete the install.
NWT-019 $ 49 plus shipping

 Battery Relocation Tray
The NWT Battery Relocation Tray is intended for engine swaps in 84-95 Trucks and 4Runners, when the battery is re-located to the LH side of the engine bay. It is designed to fit in the fender area just behind the headlight and coolant over-flow tank. This will provide a safe surface for mounting the battery. This tray is designed to bolt in place, using new holes that will need to be drilled in the fender area. This tray provides a tie-down for the battery. The tray is constructed from 14ga mild steel and comes un-painted.
Battery tray NWT-020 $109.00 plus shipping


Cross Member/ Belly Skid Plate   

Transmission cross member and skid plate. Our motor mounts do require either a modification of the transmission cross member as the tranny is located approximately 1″ back from its stock location or you can use the factory transmission isolator and a new cross member that accepts the factory isolator. No modification or fuss!  Our cross members and skid plates are designed, machined, and made right here in the USA. This is the transmission cross member you will want when using our motor mounts! This cross member is lifted 1″ over a stock Toyota cross member and includes a belly skid plate. Slight skid modification is necessary on IFS rigs that retain the front sway bar.

Cross members: $419 item number NWT-021 plus shipping.



Most headers or exhaust manifolds offered for a 1UZ/2UZ need to be cut up and re-welded to try and fit the in the mini Toyota engine bay, they foul out on the frame. If your looking for a 1UZ/2UZ specific block hugger style exhaust header we have you covered. We have a header that will fit into the tight Toyota engine bay specifically with our motor mounts. These headers are engine specific, they fit without modification to the headers themselves, but these are a very tight fit. Patience is required for installation. These will fit IFS rigs, but they really shine of rigs that have a SAS done. Here are some spec’s below. Some rigs with large ribbed steering intermediate shaft may interfere slightly with headers. We recommend that a straight shaft rod replace the ribbed rod.  For this we offer a  weld in place 3/4 smooth coupler that welds onto the rag joint end and the upper rod end. To connect the two our kit includes two 3/4″ smooth bore to 36 spline coupler and a 36 spline 12″ shaft.

These are not CARB approved! Off Road Use Only! If you want to run EGR then a bung connector will need to be made in your exhaust where it connects to the cone.  Any exhaust shop can weld in this simple bung.

Toyota Lexus 1UZ-FE/ 2UZ-FE V8 4-1 Block Huggers. These are a beef 1/2″ flange at the head, ceramic coated piece of awesomeness!!! We use factory Toyota style connecter gaskets so spare’s are easy to source should ever need to remove the exhaust from your rig.

1UZ/2UZ Block Hugger Headers $749 NWT-022 plus shipping

Steering shaft upgrade NWT-023 $109 plus shipping

Crossover Pipe Kit

For those who are wanting to install our headers we now offer a weld together cross over pipe kit. This kit features 2.25″ mandrel bent aluminized steel tubing. Our kit comes with all the necessary bends to get the headers to merge together in a 2.25″ input to 3″ outlet merge collector. Our kit has flared ends so the whole system slips together prior to welding.  With this kit and our headers you will get a custom cross over pipe for a fraction of the cost an exhaust shop would charge. This kit will place the cross over under the transmission and dump out on the driver side of the vehicle. When combined with our belly skid plate the cross over will be fully protected while off road!

This kit does require the final installer to grind and weld to get the cross over complete and functional.

Cross Over Pipe Kit NWT-024 $259 plus shipping


3″ Magnaflow Catalytic Converter

Our weld together cross over kit has a 3″ exit pipe waiting to be welded to a cat to finish your new exhaust system. We now offer a high flow Magnaflow 3″ inlet and exit cat. This is an OBD1 cat.

3″ Catalytic Converter NWT-025 $139 plus shipping

Fuel Lines   

Braided Stainless fuel line. After you have put your engine in your Toyota you will find that the fuel inlet line is down on the passenger side frame rail. The fuel inlet on the 1UZ is on the driver side of the engine. We have designed a hose that will thread into the stock Toyota fuel line and also thread into the stock fuel inlet on the 1UZ side.  In some instance’s Toyota used a union down on the passenger side frame rail. You will need to make sure you have a male side 14M nut on the fuel line. This fuel line will work for those who have inline filters such as the V6 model Toyota. If your rig was originally a 4cyl truck then you will need the line that has a built in Fuel Lab 10 micron rebuildable filter.

Note: The original hard line on the 3VZ vehicles varies between Male, Female and Male w/ a F-F union. You will need to check and see what fitting your original hard line has in place. If you have a F end or M end w/ a Union from the factory, then the standard hose will
work. If you have a Male end only, you will also need a F-F union. This union now comes standard with every purchase.

1UZ to 3VZ standard high pressure hose that fits to factory 1uz fuel hose found on engine we are now including the F-F union with this hose. NWT-026 $99 plus shipping

1UZ to 3VZ standard high pressure hose that fits fuel rail to frame rail. This is a complete hose eliminating 1uz inlet hose. We are now supplying the F-F union with this hose. NWT-027 $129 plus shipping

1UZ to 22R/ 22RE high pressure fuel line with rebuildable high pressure fuel filter $249 item number NWT-028 plus shipping.

1UZ to 5VZ fuel line. Standard high pressure hose that fits to the factory 1uz fuel hose found on the engine. We will also include the F-F union with the purchase. NWT-0123 $109 plus shipping.

1UZ to 5VZ fuel line. Standard high pressure hose that fits from the fuel rail to the frame rail. This replaces the stock 1uz shorty factory line. We will also include the F-F union with this purchase. NWT-0124 $139 plus shipping.

If you need just the F-F Union fitting to connect fuel line, we offer that as a separate item.  NWT-029 $12.99 plus shipping



Intake Boot   

For those looking for a clean looking intake system we recommend that an air box from a 1992 thru 1994 SC400 be used. This air box is small enough to fit the engine bay and make your install look factory. Once the air box is installed you will need a pipe to connect the AFM to the throttle body. For that we have a custom fit silicone elbow. This elbow is made of the highest silicone available and comes with stainless steel band clamps These aren’t your auto parts store clamps that swell  and pinch the hose. Our clamps supply full clamping pressure around the whole hose, so no air leaks unfiltered into your engine. This elbow is contoured to slide onto the AFM with ease and then provide a nice snug fit onto the throttle body. Best of all it looks great!!!! The SC box requires slight modification with trimming before it will fit correctly.

Silicone air intake boot. NWT-030 $54.95 plus shipping

Blue, Black available

Billet Aluminum coolant intake port

If your intake port is cracked, broke or you just want a nice upgrade so you don’t have to worry, then this is for you.

This is an aluminum replacement for that faulty part. These require that the old plastic housing and studs be removed. Once removed this can be installed using our supplied stainless fasteners and you will have a worry free awesome looking intake port.

Billet coolant inlet NWT-031 $109 plus shipping

EGR Delete

EGR exhaust block off plates. If you want to delete the crack prone EGR pipe to test EGR function, then these are for you. The EGR pipe connects from the back of the 1uz head to the exhaust manifold and these plates block off both of those ports. These plates are for testing purposes or off road use only!

Back of head EGR pipe billet aluminum cover with stainless mounting bolts NWT-032 $29 plus shipping

Side of head stepper motor cover billet aluminum with stainless mounting bolts NWT-033 $39 plus shipping

IACV Block Off Plate

For those who want to delete the ” IACV” idle air control valve then we have a billet alum block off plate with stainless mounting bolts.

IACV block off plate NWT-0123 $29 plus shipping

Billet Aluminum P/S Cap

If you want to add some style or bling to your P/S cap then we have a very nice and clean upgrade you can make to your current Power Steering cap. This is a machined aluminum cap that comes in either raw aluminum or anodized black. Will require glue to install this cap over your current screw on cap.

Billet P/S Cap NWT-0124 $49 plus shipping

1uz non-VVTI super charger manifold

This supercharger manifold will bolt to the factory lower intake manifold on all pre-VVTI Toyota / Lexus 1UZ-FE V8 engines.

These units are cast from aluminum and face machined only and make use of the existing cross flow characteristics of the lower intake manifold which some believe promote smoother air distribution between the cylinders.

We have 2 top plates on offer , one for the SVT M112 and the other for the popular L67 M90. Note that we have designed the intake ports to be slightly oversized to allow for any fluctuations in the casting shrinkage which happens during the manufacturing process so port matching to your lower manifold is recommended.

These units are perfect if you are building on a budget or if you just want that look of having a charger popping out of the hood as these sit slightly higher than the factory upper intake manifold once a charger is fitted.

UNIT DIMENSIONS: 377mm x 215mm x 45mm (excluding top plate)


Supercharger manifold item number NWT-0125 $775 plus shipping

Trail Gear Power Steering Adapter plate for 1uz

If your tired of running the stock leaky PS pump and want to upgrade to the TG pump we now offer the adaptor plate to make this possible.  This plate will align the 6 ribbed pulley with the rest of your drive pulleys for an easy seamless installation.

Power Steering plate adaptor NWT-0127 $109 plus shipping

All parts are custom made to order so shipping times can be a little lengthy. During high order volumes shipping can take up to several weeks depending on the size of your order and the parts ordered. We will work as fast as we can to get you the items you ordered.

Shipping will be calculated once a shipping location has been given. Orders can be made via email or phone call. Please visit our contacts page for contact information.

Please read our warranties/conditions page prior to purchase.  You are the builder and end user of your vehicle and any product you buy. We are not liable for any and all issues, problems, or liabilities associated with there use. If you don’t agree with the warranties and conditions please don’t buy our products.

Team North West Toy’s, llc thanks you for your business!