Billet-Steel Flywheel for 1UZ, 2UZ and 3UZ Swaps

Our billet flywheel is a new 27lb steel unit that bolts directly to the 1UZ, 2UZ and 3UZ crank-snout – without modification (like a good flywheel should). The flywheel is five pounds heavier than a stock cast-iron 3VZ flywheel, expands low-RPM torque, and improves your ability to maintain engine speed while driving and crawling. This flywheel is compatible with 3VZ pressure-plates but requires a 5VZ (3.4-liter V6) throwout bearing.

NWT’s flywheels are designed, machined and built in the U.S. of A.

Flywheel  NWT- 001 – $439 plus shipping


1UZ, 2UZ & 3UZ-Swap Motor Mounts

Following a rigorous development process, NWT has created a bolt-in 1UZ/2UZ/3UZ motor mount that works for both IFS (independent-front suspension) and SAS (solid-axle suspension) Toyota Pickups (pre-Taco) and first and second-generation 4Runners. This one-size-fits-all mount locates the 1UZ engine in the ideal spot in the Toyota engine bay: as far back as possible (leaving room at the front of the engine), and high enough to allow the 1UZ to fit IFS rigs. These mounts replace the OE Toyota units, bolting directly to the engine and frame. Vibration is damped by the mounts’ polyurethane bushings (request red or black when you order – there is no difference in stiffness), so no isolator pads are required, and nor are parts of the old mounts.

NWT’s motor mounts are designed, machined and built in the U.S.A., and ship painted in any color you like as long as it’s black.

Note #1: As with any engine swap, there’s going to be a few modifications necessary (quit whining: this is still an easy swap). The kit anticipates mods to the steering-relay rod and the transmission cross-member, plus a one-inch body lift.

Note #2: 1UZ, 2UZ and 3UZ swap-mounts for Toyota Tacomas and the third-generation 4Runner are on their way. Call and ask for an update.

Toyota Pickup/4Runner w/3VZ 3.0-liter V6 NWT-005 $249 plus shipping

Toyota Pickup/4Runner w/22RE 2.4-liter I4 NWT-005A$249 plus shipping

Tacoma/4Runner w/3.4-liter V6 NWT-005B$249 plus shipping

Tacoma/4Runner w/2.7-liter 3RZ I4 NWT-0122 $249 plus shipping

T100 w/3.0 and 3.4-liter V6 NWT-005C $249 plus shipping

FJ40 Landcruiser w/4.2-liter 2F I6 NWT-005D $259 plus shipping

Replacement Bushing Kit (Red or Black) NWT-005Z $17.50 plus shipping

On Sale Now: 1UZ, 2UZ & 3UZ-Swap Motor Mounts for the FJ40.  NWT has developed reinforced bolt-in swap-mounts (with an additional bolt-through point that improves the strength of the frame’s mount-horn) for installing a late-model Toyota V8 into your FJ40 Land Cruiser. See below for product and ordering details – NWT has them for $259.

Build-Your-Own 1UZ, 2UZ & 3UZ Swap-Mount Fit-Kit

Custom engine installations can require exact – and particular – engine placement. For those builders who want to position the engine forward, backward, left, right, up or down, NWT has your solution: a modular engine-mount kit.

We’ll do the hard work of tooling, cutting and shaping the engine and frame plates as well as the laterals and gussets, and we’ll source the correct bushings and bolts for you. All you’ll need to do is hang that engine in place, bolt up the plates, and weld in the laterals and gussets as you see fit – key word “fit”. This kit includes the CNC-cut engine and frame plates, bushings, nuts, bolts and washers. Also specify the original engine and chassis (such as 22RE, 3VZ or 5VZ, 3RZ, second-generation 4Runner, FJ40, etc).

Note #1: You’ll be accountable for your decisions on what goes where with this kit – NWT only warranties the quality and fit of the unassembled parts. If you’re not an experienced welder, NWT suggests you have a competent fabricator check your work post-facto.

Note #2: The swap-mount fit-kit is configurable for custom or specialized body and engine combinations, so call and ask us about your setup.

1UZ, 2UZ & 3UZ Swap-Mount Kit NWT-006 – $189 plus shipping

Replacement Bushing Kit (Red or Black) NWT-005Z $17.50 plus shipping

1UZ/2UZ/3UZ-to-R150 Five-Speed Bell-Housing:

NWT has a cast-aluminum bell-housing that mounts the Toyota R150 five-speed manual transmission (as found behind your 3.0-liter 3VZ and 3.4-liter 5VZ engine) to the 1UZ/2UZ/3UZ engine. This bell-housing includes the main housing (ahem, the “bell”), the front input-extension and the pivot mount. The slave-cylinder mount-pad is oversized so builders can customize the fit of their slave cylinder.

Note: While the mount-pad is pre-drilled for typical Toyota slave-cylinder options, you may need to trim, re-drill or re-tap new holes if you choose to use a non-standard slave cylinder.

1UZ/2UZ/3UZ-to-R150 Bell-Housing to 3.0-liter 3VZ NWT-007 – $549 plus shipping.

1UZ/2UZ/3UZ-to-R150 Bell-Housing to 3.4-liter 5VZ NWT-008 – $649 plus shipping.