Engine-Swap Wiring Harness

We offer several wiring harness options. A stand a lone harness,  a piggyback harness, a full vehicle replacement harness! We offer OBD1, OBD2, and VVT options.  These are custom built to your year of rig and the year of engine.  Contact is needed to gather all the information we need to make this wiring harness for your rig. This will make the nightmare of wiring your rig  and make it feel like a walk in the park. Our wiring harness are designed,  and made right here in the USA. These harness’s are mostly plug and play with Toyota connectors. There are only a few spliced connections that will need to be completed during installation. Please contact for details or questions.

When ordering here is what we will need from you!

From Donor Vehicle:

  • VIN, only if 100% certain of engine origin, OR-
  • Toyota ECU and engine harness part numbers (8966x-xxxxx & 82121-xxxxx)
  • Model Year
  • Model
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • Manual or Automatic Transmission

From Your Vehicle:

  • VIN
  • Year Model
  • Model
  • Original Engine
  • Manual or Automatic Transmission (originally)
  • Indicate specific transmission to be used in conversion
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • Suspension type (original or modified)
  • For 89-95 Truck, 90-95 4Runner, Indicate if ADD (Auto-Hub) system is in use
  • Location of your new ECU
  • Evap system used
  • A/C
  • Cruise control
  • Sub 02’s

Core Connectors:
For some applications we will need core connectors from you. If your vehicle is an ’85-’90, we need two connectors. These are on the 22RE or 3VZ-E ENGINE harness, behind/near the ECU connectors. They are the 2 connectors that join the engine harness to the body/dash harness. Cut them from the ENGINE harness w/ 1-3″ of wire lead. Note, we will fill w/ new wire terminals. We will send a label for a small flat rate box through USPS.

We can rebuild/ delete non needed sub wiring systems from your engine harness as well. Our rebuild service included replacing any broken, brittle, missing plugs. We also rewrap the entire harness so it will look and work as if new. Please inquire if your interested in this option.

If your missing or have a broke sub harness, we have added the option of replacement Alternator sub harness and knock sensor harness’s.  We also do the following harness options.

2/3RZ engine swap, 2UZ, Stand-alone, full body harness, diesel engine swap harness’s, etc. If you need a harness let us know.

Engine-Swap Wiring Harness – NWT-018, starting at $925 plus shipping.

Wiring Harness – NWT-018, starting at $925 plus shipping.

Alternator sub harness for 1st gen 1uz engines

For lots of guys doing the 1uz swap they find the alternator sub harness is missing, broke, or cut and of no use. We are not able to offer a solution for that missing alternator harness. We are building a brand new sub harness that uses factory Toyota plugs.

Alternator sub harness item number NWT-094 $249 plus shipping

Under-Hood Fuse Wire Kit  

Toyota usually placed the main under hood fuse box on the right passenger side of the vehicle up on the inner fender. Originally the battery was located right in front of the fuse box and made applying power easy. Most of the time after an engine swap the battery and air box have to swap places. For this instance we offer a complete kit including the following items to make this power supply swap easy.   Our kit includes 5′ of 8 gauge multi strand copper wire, 8 gauge butt connector and 8 gauge 5/16″ eye connector, heat shrink tubing, and 5′ of conduit to complete the install.

Under-hood Fuse Wire Kit – NWT-019, $59 plus shipping.

Under-hood Fuse Wire Kit – NWT-019, $59 plus shipping.

Battery Relocation Tray

The NWT Battery Relocation Tray is intended for engine swaps in 84-95 Trucks and 4Runners, when the battery is re-located to the LH side of the engine bay. It is designed to fit in the fender area just behind the headlight and coolant over-flow tank. This will provide a safe surface for mounting the battery. This tray is designed to bolt in place, using new holes that will need to be drilled in the fender area. This tray provides a tie-down for the battery. The tray is constructed from 14ga mild steel and comes un-painted.

Battery Relocation Tray NWT-020 $119.00 plus shipping

Battery Relocation Tray – NWT-020, $119 plus shipping.