We have been working in the off road industry for a while. We have taken our rigs to some of the most harsh environments around. From the deserts of the southern US to the rain forests of the Pacific North West. With mountains of snow and valleys of rain inbetween. We have ran these lights thru it all and they have never failed us. Nice thing about these lights is should it ever fail we have you covered with a limited lifetime warranty. These lights are IP69 water submersion rated. They are built to military specs. When you want the best but don’t want to take out a loan so you can have lights, then these are for you!!!


We offer many items to fit your build including different color options, marine options. curved, inferred, etc. If there is something specific your looking for, let us know and we will do our best to find an application that suits your needs!

Double Row light bars

Spot, combo, and flood available. Please specify at the time of order which you want. When ordering use item number NWT-068 and then the item you want

Double Row LED

With two, beaming rows of the brightest LEDs in production, the dual row LED light bars offer twice the lighting power for motorists serious about the lighting up the way ahead.
Constructed of the finest materials available, these double row LED light bars are made to last and represent the top-of-the-line for automotive lighting options. If you want to equip your vehicle with a light bar that will turn heads and illuminate the road ahead for years to come, these double row LED light bars are a great place to start your search.
Why settle for a single row of radiant LED lights when you can have two? At Black Oak LED, we equip our dual LED light bars with the brightest available LEDs, allowing them to pack twice the lighting punch of a standard LED light bar. Beyond lighting power and durability, nothing looks cooler than two beaming rows of lights sitting atop your vehicle.
All of this makes our dual row light bars a highly popular choice for motorists looking for a light bar that will turn heads and illuminate the road with equal effectiveness.
The light bars are made to fit on a variety of with vehicles with a wide choice of mounting options. They include UTV LED light bars, ATV LED light bars, and marine LED light bars, as well as plenty of light bars made for mounting on trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles. Purchase one of these dual row light bars and you’ll be adding an awesome looking, durable accessory to your vehicle that will make your on-road and off-road adventures safer and so much more fun.


3 Watt OSRAM LED $225 item number

5 Watt OSRAM LED $250 item number


3 Watt OSRAM LED $360 item number

5 Watt OSRAM LED $420 item number


3 Watt OSRAM LED $505

5 Watt OSRAM LED $590


3 Watt OSRAM LED $675

5 Watt OSRAM LED $760

Single Row light bars

Single Row LED Light Bars

These ultra-bright, single row LED light bars represent the most popular lighting choices for both on-road and off-road motorists looking to trick out their vehicle with a functional and impressive-looking light bar.
Made up of a single row of the brightest, most durable LEDs on the market, these light bars are able to provide a flood of LED light while still remaining some of the most affordable lighting options available.
A single row LED light bar may only have one row of LEDs, but that is more than enough to light up the road like it’s the middle of the day. Given that these light bars are the most affordable option while still remaining extremely bright and durable, they are the most popular choice for a wide variety of applications.
These lights include ATV led light bars, marine LED light bars, and automotive LED light bars.
No matter what you intend to use your light for, these single row light bars are up for the task. With a 50,000 hour average lifespan and made up of the brightest LEDs available today, these lights will be burning bright for as long as you need them to.
Available in a wide variety of sizes, beam patterns, LED colors, and mounting options, these single row light bars are an excellent place to start your search for the perfect LED light bar.


3 Watt OSRAM LED $55.25


3 Watt OSRAM LED $ 100

5 Watt OSRAM LED $125


3 Watt OSRAM LED $140

5 Watt OSRAM LED $185


3 Watt OSRAM LED $240

5 Watt OSRAM LED $310


3 Watt OSRAM LED $335

5 Watt OSRAM LED $420


3 Watt OSRAM LED $ 460

5 Watt OSRAM LED $ 590

Round lights

Available in Combo, Spot, or Flood

5″ Round

3 Watt OSRAM LED $250 Each- wiring harness sold separately

7″ Round

5 Watt OSRAM LED $335 Each- Wiring harness sold separately

Round light wiring harness


Single and Double light bar measurement