If your looking for adaptors then we have you covered. We are now able to bring you the following adaptor options to help with transmission choices from your current R150 transmission to the Lexus transmission conversions. We also have doubler RF1A adaptors available as well. We also have clutch components available as well.

Clutch Master cylinders

81 thru 88 Master cylinder Item number NWT-052 $60 plus shipping

88 thru 95 Master cylinder  Item number NWT-053 $70 plus shipping

96 thru 04 Master cylinder Item number NWT-054 $90 plus shipping


Slave Cylinder

81 thru 95 Slave cylinder Item number NWT-055 $40 plus shipping

96 thru 04 Slave cylinder 4cyl item number NWT-056 $ 50 plus shipping

96 thru 04 Slave cylinder 6cyl item number NWT-057 $ 50 plus shipping


Steel Braided clutch line

79 thru 95 Hilux and 4runner item number NWT-058 $35.00 plus shipping

95 thru 04 Tacoma item number NWT-059 plus shipping

96 thru 02 4runner item number NWT-060 $ 35.00 plus shipping


Clutch fork boot

81 thru 95 clutch fork boot item number NWT-061 $20 plus shipping






All parts are custom made to order so shipping times can be a little lengthy. During high order volumes shipping can take up to several weeks depending on the size of your order and the parts ordered. We will work as fast as we can to get you the items you ordered.

Shipping will be calculated once a shipping location has been given. Orders can be made via email or phone call. Please visit our contacts page for contact information.

Please read our warranties/conditions page prior to purchase.  You are the builder and end user of your vehicle and any product you buy. We are not liable for any and all issues, problems, or liabilities associated with there use. If you don’t agree with the warranties and conditions please don’t buy our products.

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