We offer the parts necessary to complete your engine installation, overhaul, and maintenance .


1UZ parts

Premium oil filter NWTOF-026 $6.99 plus shipping.

Serpentine Belt. Item number NWTN-027 $39.49 plus shipping.

Upper radiator hose to fit the 1UZ with our radiator. Item number NWTN-028 $25 plus shipping.

Lower radiator hose to fit the 1UZ with our radiator. Item number NWTN-029 $25plus shipping.

SC400 Air box filter. Item number NWTN-030 $25.99 plus shipping

1990 thru 1994 1UZ temp sensor. Item number NWTN-031 $30.99 plus shipping

89 thru 94 1UZ oil pan plug with washer. Item number NWTP-032 $4.99 plus shipping


Toyota Diesel Parts

1988-1997 3L Diesel oil filter NWT-033 $9.99 plus shipping.

1988-1997 3L Diesel fuel filter NWT-034 $22.99 plus shipping.

1988-1997 3L Diesel OEM Toyota PS pump rebuild kit NWT-035 $67.99 plus shipping.

1988-1997 3L Diesel Air filter including mounting washer NWT-036 $39.99 plus shipping

1988-1997 Diesel 3L OEM Factory Toyota water pump NWT-037 $110.64

1988-1997 Diesel 3L OEM water temp sensor NWT-038 $36

1988-1997 Diesel 3L OEM Toyota rear main seal crank NWT-039 $34.95

1988-1997 3L Diesel OEM Toyota front main crank seal NWT-040 $24.95

1988-1997 3L Diesel OEM Toyota front cam shaft seal NWT-041 $24.95

3L Oil sump magnetic plug NWT-042 $15.00


1988-1997 3L Diesel head bolt set both A and B bolts all torque to yeild NWT-043 $39


1988-1997 3L Diesel fuel pump primer NWT-044 $118


2LT-2LTE OEM Toyota head semi circular plugs NWT-045 $9.99

1988-1997 3L diesel front crank bolt NWT-046 $7.50


1988-1997 3L diesel Head Gasket. Type F style  NWT-047 $45

1988-1997 3L diesel drive belts for fan include, P/S, ALT, A/C NWT-048 $34.95


1988 thru 1997 OEM Toyota 3L timing belt NWT-049 $59.95  plus shipping

1988 thru 1997 OEM Toyota 3L glow plugs NWT-050 $39.95 each plus shipping