• Holy carp!  Want a blower for your 1995-’97 FJ80?  We’ll have them soon – call us to order.  NWT and LC Engineering convinced Magnuson to build us 50 supercharger kits for the 4.5L (1FZ-FE) 1995-1997 FJ80.  This blower can lift horsepower and torque from the indestructible (but kind’a pokey) straight-six by more than 25%.  Everyone wanted one of these after they stopped production – here’s your chance to get one.
  • For those looking for a bit more power from the non VVTi 1UZ we have a new aluminum supercharger upper intake housing. This will allow either a M112 or M122 supercharger to be installed!
  • We are excited to let everyone know we are getting ready to launch the Lexus A340/A341 auto tranny to Toyota RF1A gear driven Transfer case adapters very soon!
  • Our next big item to come out is the 1/2uz to First gen Tacoma header kit. These headers will fit on first gen Tacoma’s that have coil buckets and factory style steering shafts!

There’s always more to come – bookmark this page.