We offer the parts necessary to complete your engine installation, overhaul, and maintenance .

1UZ parts

Premium oil filter NWT-037 $6.99 plus shipping.

Serpentine Belt. Item number NWT-038 $40 plus shipping.

Upper radiator hose to fit the 1UZ with our radiator. Item number NWT-039 $34 plus shipping.

Lower radiator hose to fit the 1UZ with our radiator. Item number NWT-040 $34 plus shipping.

Torque T hose clamps.

These are the answer to upgrading normal hose clamps that don’t put even pressure on your hoses. These clamps are double wrapped and apply even pressure on the hose and apply more clamping pressure per square inch. This means more secure clamping and less leaking of pipes!

Item number NWT-041 $7 each plus shipping

SC400 Air box filter. Item number NWT-042 $25.99 plus shipping

1990 thru 1994 1UZ temp sensor. Item number NWT-043 $30.99 plus shipping

89 thru 94 1UZ oil pan plug with washer. Item number NWT-044 $4.99 plus shipping

We are now offering our 1uz customers the option of oil pan placement changes. If you have the LS400 front sump version and need the mid sump or the rear sump design we have you covered. These are brand new OEM factory Toyota sump pan kits!

OEM Mid sump kit: Engine oil pan ring, baffle, pickup tube, oil pan, gaskets, bolt kit, dipstick. Item number NWT-045 $519.00 plus shipping

OEM Rear sump kit: Engine oil pan ring, baffle, pickup tube, oil pan, gasket, bolt kit, dipstick. Item number NWT-046 $739 plus shipping

After market weld together rear sump kit: For those that are looking for a clean but more inexpensive option we have laser cut steel rear sump kits. These units require some fab skills on your part but will get you the rears sump you need! $349 item number NWT-098

After market welded together rear sump kit: For those looking for a pre welded rear sump kit then we have you covered. These kits are drop in ready with you just needing to bolt it in place. $689 plus shipping. Item number NWT-098A item number

Toyota Diesel Parts

1988-1997 3L Diesel oil filter NWT-047 $9.99

1988-1997 3L Diesel fuel filter NWT-048 $39.95 plus shipping.

1988-1997 3L Diesel OEM Toyota PS pump rebuild kit NWT-049 $67.99 plus shipping.

1988-1997 Diesel 3L OEM Factory Toyota water pump NWT-050 $129.95

1988-1997 Diesel 3L OEM water temp sensor NWT-051 $36

1988-1997 Diesel 3L OEM Toyota rear main seal crank NWT-052 $34.95

1988-1997 3L Diesel OEM Toyota front main crank seal NWT-053 $24.95

1988-1997 3L Diesel OEM Toyota front cam shaft seal NWT-054 $24.95

3L Oil sump magnetic plug NWT-055 $15.00

1988-1997 3L Diesel head bolt set both A and B bolts all torque to yield NWT-056 $109

1988-1997 3L Diesel fuel pump primer NWT-057 $118

2LT-2LTE OEM Toyota head semi circular plugs NWT-058 $9.99

1988-1997 3L diesel front crank bolt NWT-059 $7.50

1988-1997 3L diesel Head Gasket. Type F style  NWT-060 $199

1988-1997 3L diesel drive belts for fan include, P/S, ALT, A/C NWT-061 $109.95

1988 thru 1997 OEM Toyota 3L timing belt NWT-062 $98.49  plus shipping

1988 thru 1997 OEM Toyota 3L intake valve NWT-063 $19.99 plus shipping

1988 thru 1997 OEM Toyota 3L exhaust valve NWT-064 $19.99 plus shipping

Toyota LN130 and LN106 engine air filter 17801-54060

1990 thru 1997 LN130 and LN106 with high mount filter box. NWT-065: $40 plus shipping.

1988-1997 3L Diesel Air filter including mounting washer NWT-066 $39.99 plus shipping

OEM Diesel Fuel filter

Fits the following vehicles

Hilux, Hiace, Land Cruiser 70 BJ, 90 KD, 100 HD series, 4runner, Surf. If you have any questions about fitment let us know and we can verify this filter fits your application prior to purchase.

OEM Diesel fuel filter NWT-067 : $34.95 plus shipping. That will save you quite a bit off of retail!

Toyota 3L, 1HDT, 1HZ, 4M40 engine valve shims.

If you have had to replace a head, or just need to adjust the valves on your Toyota Diesel we have shims in multiple thickness’s available.

We have the following sizes available 2.65, 2.70, 2.80, 2.90, 3.00, 3.05, 3.15, 3.20, 3.25, 3.30. These fit intake and exhaust side shim buckets.

Valve shims NWT-0121: $9.95 each plus shipping.