hilux2015While we love the sounds and power of a V8. We also love the sound of a good old rattle box. We have started offering items for those that have imported a Toyota diesel.


Toyota 3L, 5L Turbo Systems

The 2.8 and 3 liter Hilux turbo kit has been designed for towing and open road running using a GT25 wastegated turbocharger. With this turbo power gain will be on wasted energy presently going into the atmosphere as black unburnt fuel smoke.

The 2.8 and 3 litre Hilux engines utilising the latest technology T25 turbo gives an improvement of 100-120 Km per tank of fuel with near zero black smoke when pulling. 30% torque and horsepower improvement with reliability and an increase in engine life due to lower oil contamination. Recommended power level adjusted on chassis dynameter is 30% torque and 30% horsepower improvement above standard engine specifications. These figures have shown not to shorten engine life or increase fuel consumption. Fuel consumption figures have shown to improve by approx. 10%.

This turbocharger has uncluttered appearance under the hood. It is a simple straight forward reliable installation not requiring the placement of a hole in the side of the sump for oil drain from turbo, but utilises an existing drain presently in engine block.

Although turbo kit is capable of far more power output than stated, we have found by experience that shortened engine life will be experienced when adding 40-50% power gain above standard engine output. Stock exhaust system can be retained if desired. 2.25 exhaust is recommended. Fuel pump adjustment isn’t needed.

Installation is available and it takes about 1 day for us to install this kit. We offer a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty on the turbo.

Toyota_Hilux_2_8_3_0_Litre_turbo_kit_fitted_Pics_for_website_534_300__39879_1393899185_1280_1280 3ltrhilux

Hilux 3L 2.8-Liter Diesel Turbo Kit  NWT-034 – $3,395 plus shipping

Hiace 3L 2.8-Liter Diesel Turbo Kit

Hiace 3L 2.8-Liter Diesel Turbo Kit  NWT-035 – $3,395 plus shipping

Transmission Crossmember for Toyota 3L Diesel Trucks: 1988 – 1997

For those that have imported or were just plain lucky to get them originally know that the cross member that holds the transmission in place hangs low and catches on junk while off road. We now have laser cut and high quality 5/16″ thick steel low profile cross members. These are similar to the Lexus V8 version we carry but designed to fit in the diesel applications.

Diesel crossmember NWT-036 $299 plus shipping

Aluminum Large core Radiator for 1988 thru 1997 Diesel Hilux

For those that want to have a bolt in ready upgraded aluminum radiator we are now building these just for you! This is a very trick all tig welded unit. This radiator is a completely bolt in unit to replace your old leaky copper unit. Nutserts are provided to allow retention of your fan shroud.  Our radiator included a new cap, and a tig welded aluminum cross over pipe is available.

Diesel aluminum radiator NWT-094 $549 plus shipping

Cross over pipe runs an additional $129 and shipping would be included at the time of purchase of radiator.

Diesel Inection pump repairs and upgrades!

On  N/A diesel vehicles such as the 3L there is no boost compensator to adjust for fuel requirements when you go turbo. You either leave the fuel level alone and leave hp on the table; or you wind the fuel up for more power when under load but cause heavy over fueling when at idle. These all cause non desired outcomes. The solution is add a boost compensator to the fuel pump. We are now offering brand new boost compensators to the 3L pump. We also offer full pump rebuilds, injector rebuilds, new injectors,  nozzle washer kit, injectors, full engine rebuild kits and full in house diesel rebuilds!

All parts are custom made to order so shipping times can be a little lengthy. During high order volumes shipping can take up to several weeks depending on the size of your order and the parts ordered. We will work as fast as we can to get you the items you ordered.

Shipping will be calculated once a shipping location has been given. Orders can be made via email or phone call. Please visit our contacts page for contact information.

Please read our warranties/conditions page prior to purchase.  You are the builder and end user of your vehicle and any product you buy. We are not liable for any and all issues, problems, or liabilities associated with there use. If you don’t agree with the warranties and conditions please don’t buy our products.

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