For those that are completing a swap into any rig and want to build there exhaust system themselves we have lots to choose from and were more then happy to build you something if you need it and can’t find it. Below is a list of some of the items we have available. If your needing something not listed please let us know so we can get you taken care of and get your rig out on the trail again!


We offer 2.25″ aluminized steel 45 degree, 65 degree, 90 degree fittings all slip fitted on 1 end for ease of installation in stock at all times. If you need a custom angle or material such as stainless steel please just let us know. .

NWT-0136 $19.95 each please specify what angle your wanting when ordering.

Merge collectors

We offer 2.25″ into 3″ merge collectors. These are aluminized steel NWT-0135 $99

2 into 1: 2.25″ to 3″ Merge collector

Complete exhaust systems:

We currently build a complete from header back exhaust system for 1990 thru 1995 Toyota 4runners that have swapped out to the 1uz. This is the cross over pipe, a cat, muffler, hangers, and tubing needed to complete your exhaust system after the swap. This system consists of 2.25″ cross over that then goes 3″ the rest of the way back!

As we get more rigs in house that need exhausts we will work on adding to our offerings of swap ready systems.

1uz exhaust system for 1990 thru 1995 4runner NWT-0134 $799 plus shipping. Note system will come with slip joints at key locations that need to either be welded or clamped together to complete the exhaust system once you receive it.

Most headers or exhaust manifolds offered for a 1UZ/2UZ need to be cut up and re-welded to try and fit the in the mini Toyota engine bay, they foul out on the frame. If your looking for a 1UZ/2UZ specific block hugger style exhaust header we have you covered. We have a header that will fit into the tight Toyota engine bay specifically with our motor mounts. These headers are engine specific, they fit without modification to the headers themselves, but these are a very tight fit. Patience is required for installation. These will fit IFS rigs, but they really shine of rigs that have a SAS done. Here are some spec’s below. Some rigs with large ribbed steering intermediate shaft may interfere slightly with headers. We recommend that a straight shaft rod replace the ribbed rod.  For this we offer a  weld in place 3/4 smooth coupler that welds onto the rag joint end and the upper rod end. To connect the two our kit includes two 3/4″ smooth bore to 36 spline coupler and a 36 spline 12″ shaft.

These are not CARB approved! Off Road Use Only! If you want to run EGR then a bung connector will need to be made in your exhaust where it connects to the cone.  Any exhaust shop can weld in this simple bung.

Toyota Lexus 1UZ-FE/ 2UZ-FE V8 4-1 Block Huggers. These are a beef 1/2″ flange at the head, ceramic coated piece of awesomeness!!! We use factory Toyota style connecter gaskets so spare’s are easy to source should ever need to remove the exhaust from your rig.

1UZ/2UZ Block Hugger Headers $749 NWT-022 plus shipping

Steering shaft upgrade NWT-023 $109 plus shipping