1986-1995 PICKUPS & 4RUNNERS

Clutch Kits

Dual Comp Clutch Kit 3VZ 1988-1995 (9 1/4″)

This clutch was developed for off-road racers who require more clutch pressure, but it’s friendly enough for everyday use. The key is the hybrid clutch disc – one side has metallic pucks for increased holding capacity, while the other uses an NWT-spec fiber-based lining that supports smoother engagement.

NWT recommends this clutch kit for multi-use vehicles (on and off-road) with improved-horsepower engines. It’s stiffer than stock, but not as stiff as our high-metallic clutch. NWT clutch kits come complete with a cast-iron 3VZ pressure plate, clutch disk, pilot bearing, modified 5VZ throwout bearing, and an alignment tool. This package puts all those necessary parts together, and saves money compared to ordering individually.

2100lb Clamp Force – 385hp Power Limit – 385 ft-lb Torque Limit

Clutch Kit Includes Disc, Pressure Plate, Pilot Bearing, Throwout Bearing
NWT-002 – $429 plus shipping


Replacement Throwout Bearings NWT-003 – $89.00 plus shipping

New Flywheel Bolts NWT-002A – $39.95 plus shipping

New Pressure-Plate Bolts NWT-002B – $25.95 plus shipping

Motor Mounts

3.0 3VZ to 1UZ motor mounts. After several attempts to build a one size fits all 1UZ motor mount for both IFS and SAS trucks, we  built the perfect mount for the 1UZ in the tight Toyota engine bay. This mount is completely bolt on! This mount places the engine as far back in the engine bay as possible to leave room to work at the front of the engine, and up high enough as to allow engine to fit with IFS rigs. This kit does require slight modification of the steering relay rod, transmission cross member, and a small 1″ body lift is required. These are shipped painted black.  Our motor mounts are designed, machined, and built right here in the USA.

New style of Motor Mounts replace the need for the OEM motor mounts. This new design is a ultra trick style that bolt directly to the engine and frame design, so no need for isolator pads required for this style of mount. Dampening any vibration is controlled thru the use of poly bushings. No need to reuse any old parts!

Replacement red or black bushings are available please see below!

Mini Truck/ 4runner 3.0 V6  mounts $249 plus shipping item number NWT-005

Mini Truck/ 4Runner 22RE mounts $249 plus shipping item number NWT-005A

Replacement bushing kit $17.50 plus shipping item number NWT-005Z

Bell Housing:

Bell housings-  We have a cast aluminum bell housing that will mount to the 1UZ engine and Toyota R150 5 speed transmission found behind your 3.0 and 3.4 Toyota. Our bell includes the bell, front input extension, and pivot mount. The slave cylinder mounting area is over sized in height and mounting location for a custom fit of your slave cylinder.  The mount is pre drilled for a slave cylinder, however you may need to trim, re-drill and tap,  new bolt holes depending on the slave cylinder you choose to use.

Bell housing for R150 from 3VZ 3.0: $ 549 item number NWT-007 plus shipping.

Fuel Lines   

Braided Stainless fuel line. After you have put your engine in your Toyota you will find that the fuel inlet line is down on the passenger side frame rail. The fuel inlet on the 1UZ is on the driver side of the engine. We have designed a hose that will thread into the stock Toyota fuel line and also thread into the stock fuel inlet on the 1UZ side.  In some instance’s Toyota used a union down on the passenger side frame rail. You will need to make sure you have a male side 14M nut on the fuel line. This fuel line will work for those who have inline filters such as the V6 model Toyota. If your rig was originally a 4cyl truck then you will need the line that has a built in Fuel Lab 10 micron rebuildable filter.

Note: The original hard line on the 3VZ vehicles varies between Male, Female and Male w/ a F-F union. You will need to check and see what fitting your original hard line has in place. If you have a F end or M end w/ a Union from the factory, then the standard hose will
work. If you have a Male end only, you will also need a F-F union. This union now comes standard with every purchase.

1UZ to 3VZ standard high pressure hose that fits to factory 1uz fuel hose found on engine we are now including the F-F union with this hose. NWT-026 $99 plus shipping

1UZ to 3VZ standard high pressure hose that fits fuel rail to frame rail. This is a complete hose eliminating 1uz inlet hose. We are now supplying the F-F union with this hose. NWT-027 $129 plus shipping

1UZ to 22R/ 22RE high pressure fuel line with rebuildable high pressure fuel filter $249 item number NWT-028 plus shipping.

If you need just the F-F Union fitting to connect fuel line, we offer that as a separate item.  NWT-029 $12.99 plus shipping