If your looking for adaptors then we have you covered. We are now able to bring you the following adaptor options to help with transmission choices from your current R150 transmission to the Lexus transmission conversions. We also have doubler RF1A adaptors available as well. We also have clutch components available as well.

Toyota A340/ A341 Flanged Auto transmission to RF1A geared transfercase adaptor!

We are ready to finally release our Lexus/ Toyota A340/341 transfercase to our customers. This transfercase adaptor allows you to run the automatic transmission that originally came with your 1uz and mate it to the world famous Toyota 4cyl gear driven RF1A transfercase.  Now you can have the benefits of the Automatic and a clockable, doubler set of cases if you wanted!

Auto Adaptor item number NWT-0126 $679 plus shipping

Clutch Master cylinders



81 thru 88 Master cylinder Item number NWT-069 $60 plus shipping
88 thru 95 Master cylinder Item number NWT-070 $70 plus shipping
96 thru 04 Master cylinder Item number NWT-071 $90 plus shipping

Slave Cylinder



81 thru 95 Slave cylinder Item number NWT-072 $40 plus shipping
96 thru 04 Slave cylinder 4cyl item number NWT-073 $ 50 plus shipping
96 thru 04 Slave cylinder 6cyl item number NWT-074 $ 50 plus shipping

Steel Braided clutch line

If your wanting to get rid of the spongy clutch pedal or leaking soft rubber line then this will fill those needs.



79 thru 95 Hilux and 4runner item number NWT-075 $35.00 plus shipping
95 thru 04 Tacoma item number NWT-076 $ 35.00 plus shipping
96 thru 02 4runner item number NWT-077 $ 35.00 plus shipping

Clutch fork boot



81 thru 95 clutch fork boot item number NWT-078 $20 plus shipping

OEM Transmission boot cover

If your tranny boot is ripped/ torn/ or missing then this is for you. This is a genuine Toyota Transmission Shift Handle boot (Round) for L-, G-, W-, and R-series Truck transmissions, excluding 1985-88 W56-A/B and 1979-80 L43 side shifting 4-speed transmissions.

Transmission boot cover: Item number NWT-094 $9.00 plus shipping

Transfercase shifter boot cover

If your transfercase boot is ripped/ torn/ or missing then this is for you. This is a factory Toyota replacement boot. Fits over transfer case shift handle and seals top of transfer case.

Transfercase boot cover: Item number NWT-095 $14 plus shipping.

Transmission socket bushing 

It’s common for the factory shift lever ball seat to wear, crumble and disintegrate over time. This often results in a sloppy or loose transmission shifter. The factory seat is soft and is squeezed into position. Therefore it is fragile. We took a different approach. Instead of squeezing the seat into place, we machine a strong, rigid piece that rotates & drops into position. This allows us to make our seat from stronger, longer lasting USA-made Delrin. Our new heavy duty seats will far out last the stock units and will greatly reduce shifter slop.

Shifter seat: Item number NWT-096 $12.49 plus shipping

Please specify which color you need

Red- 1985-1988 W-series (W56-A, W56-B)
Early style R154

White- 1981-83 L-series (L45, L50, L52)
1984-95 G-series (G52, G54, G58)
1989-2004 W-series (W56-C, W56-D, W56-E, W59)
All 1986+ R-series (R150F, R151F)
All 2005-2015 RA-series (6-speed RA60F)
Additional notes:
In general, this fits all 1981 and newer manual transmission Toyota 2WD and 4WD                   trucks, including T100s, Tundras, Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, and 4Runners, but excludes               the 1985-88 W56-A/B (uses red seat listed above).
Also fits rear wheel drive Cressida’s, Celica’s & Supra’s!

Blue- Forward shifting style t/case seat
            Where the t/case handle mounts atop the transmission
           Found atop G52, G54, W56-C, W56-D, W56-E, R151F
           Top shift chain drive t/case seat
            Where the t/case handle mounts atop the t/case itself
            Found behind G58, W59, R150F

All parts are custom made to order so shipping times can be a little lengthy. During high order volumes shipping can take up to several weeks depending on the size of your order and the parts ordered. We will work as fast as we can to get you the items you ordered.

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