We are very happy to carry Diamond Axles and Marlin Crawler in our line up of the best products and customer support available.

Front Axle Service kit

Includes all the standard knuckle service parts: wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, inner axle & bearing seals, hub gaskets, knuckle shims, and High Quality Yukon knuckle bearings and KOYO wheel bearings. This is not just another no-name knuckle bearing kit! Fits 79-85 Pickup/4Runner, FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 & FJ-62. Includes all serviceable parts including wheel bearings. Kit covers both left and right sides. Please note we do not include the metal split ring nor half moon plates because they are not serviceable parts and are recommended to be reused by Toyota


Front axle service kit Toyota Truck/4runner 1979 thru 1985 NWT-079 $189.00

Knuckle Service Kit

This is our high quality knuckle service kit that includes all serviceable knuckle parts such as wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, bearing seals, hub gaskets, knuckle shims, High Quality Japanese-made knuckle bearings and our exclusive Eco-Seal Inner Axle Seals. This is not just another no-name knuckle bearing kit! Fits 79-85 Pickup/4Runner, 76-90 FJ40, FJ55, FJ60 & FJ-62. Kit does not include wheel bearings. Kit covers both left and right sides. Please note we do not include the metal split ring nor half moon plates because they are not serviceable parts and are recommended to be reused by Toyota.


Knuckle Service kit for 79 thru 85 trucks and 4runners NWT-080 $99.00

Heavy Duty Eco-Seals from Marlin Crawler

Our Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty Front Inner Axle EcoSeals are an amazing upgrade for your truck. If you are constantly replacing inner axle seals because of leaks or axle damage, or you just want to build the most bad ass Toyota front end possible, then these are the seals for the job.
Designed and tested in 2005, these seals have been proven to stop leaks in the deserts of Panamint Valley, the rocks of the Hammers, the water crossings of Fordyce, the 10,000 ft high sierras of Dusy Ershim, the Sluice Box of Rubicon, the slick rocks of Moab, the mud of Tellico and the Great Smokey Mountains, trails in Arizona and Texas, the dunes of Pismo and Grover Beaches, and the dry lands of Tierra Del Sol and Truck Haven. They have been used in nearly every continent including countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Japan, Russia, Chile, Iceland, England, China, Norway, New Zealand, Guam, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Philippians, Holland, Italy, Spain, and Denmark. Marlin Crawler isn’t just keeping America clean, it’s keeping the world free from oil leaks!


Inner Axle ECO seals for front solid axle NWT-081 $9.00

Front Wheel bearing kit

Highest Quality Wheel Bearings available for your Toyota Axle
Designed to run for thousands and thousands of miles with proper service intervals
Because you want to do the job right the first time. NOTE: One kit services one side. Two kits required for a complete job. You’ll need a 54mm socket to service your wheel bearings. We also offer a Spindle Nut Kit in case your “nuts” are damaged.


Front wheel bearing kit which will service one side. NWT-082 $50.00

Knuckle gasket and seal kit

This is our brand new High Quality Knuckle Seal Kit for your 1979-1985 Hilux Pickup or 4Runner! When tearing down your knuckles, often times you may only need to replace gaskets and/or seals. We put together this inexpensive kit for this exact reason! Especially if you are using our extremely long lasting Koyo knuckle bearings, purchasing the full kit is often not needed.
Includes all the standard knuckle service parts: wipers, felts, gaskets, lock washers, bearing seals, hub gaskets, and a pair of our very own Eco-Seal HD Inner Axle Seals. Please note we do not include the metal split ring nor half moon plates because they are not serviceable parts and are recommended to be reused by Toyota.
Fits 1979-85 Hilux Pickup and 4Runner Front Axles. Kit does not include knuckle or wheel bearings. Shims are not included because stock shims are always reused.


Knuckle gasket and seal kit NWT-083 $50.00

Rear axle service kit

We have the rear axle service parts you’re looking for. Each Rear axle service kit contains 1 each of the following items listed below. Two kits are required for one axle.
One kit will service the left or right axle shaft. Two kits are required for one axle. We recommend changing both sides at the same time.

*Rear Axle Bearing, KOYO or Nachi, made in Japan (1)
*Rear Axle Bearing Retainer, Genuine Toyota (1)
*Rear Axle Snap Ring, Genuine Toyota (1)
*Rear Axle O-ring, Genuine Toyota (1)
*Outer Axle Rubber Seal (1)
*Stock Rear Axle Seal (1)

Fits ABS or non-ABS rear axles and housings. Please note that this kit comes with a stock rear axle seal which fits both ABS and non-ABS setups. We also offer a Heavy Duty Rear Axle Eco-Seal,  but this seal is only compatible with non-ABS setups.



Rear axle service kit for 79 thru 99 Toyota trucks, 4runners, T100’s, and Tacoma’s
NWT-084 $69 this kit contains standard seals. Rear Ecoseals are available as well for $9 extra.

Marlin Chromoly 30 spline axle kit

If you are looking for upgraded front axle components, then you’ve come to the right place. With today’s ultra low range gearing and large tires, it’s critical to upgrade your axle’s Birfield CV joints and inner axle shafts. To meet this demand, we are happy to offer 30 spline Birfields and Inner Axle shafts for 1979-85 Hilux axles and 1969-1/1990 Land cruiser FJ40 and FJ60/62 axles. Note: 1969-75 Land Cruisers will require a 1979-90 Toyota knuckle/disc brake conversion and 1976-78 Land Cruisers with factory disc brakes can not use the outer C-clip without changing parts.


Marlin Chromoly 30 spline Axle kit NWT-085 $577.00 plus shipping

Marlin Chromoly 27 spline Marfields

Larger tires and bigger rocks require the latest axle technology. These heavy duty replacement Birfield joints are made by the popular Volkswagon company EMPI. They feature full 4340 Chromoly steel construction with full ball races to maximize your turning angles.

Complement your axles
with our EcoSeals

These joints come with our 2-year double warranty policy, the same policy we’ve used since the mid 1990’s on our Marfield joints that has now become an industry standard on heavy duty birfields! You won’t find any original parts manufacture with this sort of warranty! With almost two decades of warranty experience, we provide the best customer support and buyer confidence in the industry. In the unlikely case you break a UM07 within two years of the receipt date, simply call us up for a free replacment. In the highly unlikely case you manage to break the same component a second time, we’ll replace it for half price!
They are designed to be used with stock inner axles or our heavy duty Alloy Chromoly inner axle shafts. Two Marfield’s are required to fully service one front axle. These axles are stronger and have a slightly larger OD than stock axles. Modifications to your housing is generally not required, however we advise you test for interference before fully assembling your axle.
Please also remember that the inner axle outer c-clip may sometimes be reusable but often times it breaks apart when removing the birfield from its axle. In this case, you may wish to also include an OEM Toyota inner axle outer c-clip with your order!
Please note: 1976-1978 applications require 1979-1989 live axle Toyota hubs and hub dials (found on 1979-1989 live axle’d FJ40/FJ55/FJ60/FJ62/Pickup/4Runner). This is due to an axle redesign in 1979 rendering 1976-1978 parts obsolete.
Sold individually.


Marlin Chromoly 27 spline Marfield NWT-086 $130.00 each

Full Face Diff Guard

We are happy to release our first full face differential armor for your Toyota live axle housing. It’s often difficult to remember exactly where all the rocks are, and we all know mistakes happen. These differential guards protect your differential housing from getting badly dented or even worse, caving into your ring gear.



Full face differential guard NWT-087 $69.00

Axle gusset kit

This is our new & exciting Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit! What separates our new Heavy Duty Knuckle Gusset Kit from the rest?

• Full Stop-to-Stop Bracing
In the past, small add-on plates have been used to cap off the steering stop. We’ve now integrated the knuckle gusset itself with the steering stops.
• Four Braces Instead of Two
In the past we only used single braces on the top and bottom mounted perpendicular to the axle housing. Our new design features four braces to better spread the load and increase load rating.
• Angled Bottom Edge
The sharp edges of the old single perpendicular-mounted bottom brace were just crying for attention from rocks. Our new heavy duty design ramps the two bottom braces with a rounded edge for better functionality + strength.
• Full Ball-to-Spring-Perch Support
The upper plates extend to the spring perch where they are welded for full leaf spring to knuckle support!
• Compatible with Coil Over & Air Shocks
We’ve left enough room to fit common coil over and air shocks to the upper gusset


Axle gusset kit NWT-088 $89.00

Cross over steering stabilizer

During a crossover steering conversion, the stock steering stabilizer is discarded. This kit mounts a new heavier duty stabilizer shock between the frame rail and the drag link, which keeps the shock up high and out of the reach of those pesky rocks.
Kit features a larger (9.25″ stroke) and stronger shock, drag link mount and weld on frame mount. Frame mount is an assembled block and is easily welded to frame.
This stabilizer can also be mounted to the tie rod in a standard steering configuration (non-crossover). Simply remove the stock steering stabilizer and grind off its mount from the front of your axle and weld the included mount to your axle near the same location (instead of the frame). This is perfect when used with our Heavy Duty Marlink tie rod which lacks a stock steering stabilizer mount provision.
The included u-bolt mount kit is designed to fit a 1.25″ steering linkage

Cross over steering stabilizer NWT-089 $89.00

High Steer for RIGHT HAND DRIVE vehicles.

This is a complete high steer setup for those that have imported a Toyota right hand drive Hilux or Surf with a SAS.



High Steer Right Hand Drive NWT-090 $475

High Steer for LEFT HAND DRIVE vehicles.

This is a complete high steer setup for those how have a SAS vehicle or an OEM US spec solid axle Toyota truck or 4runner.



High Steer Left Hand Drive NWT-091 $475

Marlin Crawler 25MM steering pin upgrade.

Our new Competition Series Steering Upgrade Kit replaces the stock wimpy 17mm pivots with beefy 25mm Chromoly pins. These days with larger tires and hydro-assist steering systems, we often come across Toyota axles with blown up knuckle bearings or even worse, sheared knuckle pivot pins. The Marlin Crawler solution to this weakness starts with pivot pins that are 47% larger than stock and High-Capacity knuckle bearings that are 54% stronger with an increased contact area. These are nearly as large at Dana 60 parts!!!

Next we replace the stock flimsy lower caps with an incredibly stout solid billet version.

Then we finish it off by replacing the long and exposed stud design with grade 12.9 cap bolts and serrated conical washers made in Germany. The end results is an increase in ground clearance by as much as 3/4″, measuring only 1″ thick!

  • CNC machined Solid Billet Steel Arms made right here in America
  • 25mm High Strength Chromoly knuckle pivot pins, made in America
    • 116% larger cross-sectional area than stock
    • We use a 78% larger 1-inch diameter pin-to-arm connection
    • The largest and strongest pin-to-arm connection on the market!
  • 54% stronger KOYO High-Capacity knuckle bearings made in Japan
  • Billet lower cap using grade 12.9 studs increases ground clearance up to 3/4″
  • Installs without any axle modifications!



25MM Pin steering kit: Item number NWT-092 $269

IFS Steering Box frame reinforcement mount plate.

For those who want to move there steering box or swap over to the IFS box.



IFS Box mount: Item number NWT-093 $55


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