Billet Flywheel for 1UZ and 2UZ Swaps

Our flywheel is a brand-new 27lb billet-steel unit designed for the bolt pattern on the 1UZ/2UZ crank. The flywheel is 5lb heavier than a stock cast-iron 3VZ flywheel, will improve low-end torque, and upgrades the ability to maintain engine speed on and off-road. This flywheel is drilled for a bolt-on fit, and designed to use common 3VZ pressure plates and a 5VZ (3.4-liter V6) throwout bearing.

NWT’s flywheels are designed, machined and built in the U.S. of A.

Flywheel: item number NWT- 001 $439 plus shipping

Flywheel NWT-001 – $439 plus shipping

Clutch Kits

Dual Comp Clutch Kit 3VZ 1988-1995 (9 1/4″)

This clutch was developed for off-road racers who require more clutch pressure, but it’s friendly enough for everyday use. The key is the hybrid clutch disc – one side has metallic pucks for increased holding capacity, while the other uses an NWT-spec fiber-based lining that supports smoother engagement.

NWT recommends this clutch kit for multi-use vehicles (on and off-road) with improved-horsepower engines. It’s stiffer than stock, but not as stiff as our high-metallic clutch. NWT clutch kits come complete with a cast-iron 3VZ pressure plate, clutch disk, pilot bearing, modified 5VZ throwout bearing, and an alignment tool. This package puts all those necessary parts together, and saves money compared to ordering individually.

2100lb Clamp Force – 385hp Power Limit – 385 ft-lb Torque Limit

Clutch Kit Includes Disc, Pressure Plate, Pilot Bearing, Throwout Bearing
NWT-002 – $429 plus shipping


Replacement Throwout Bearings NWT-003 – $89.00 plus shipping

New Flywheel Bolts NWT-002A – $39.95 plus shipping

New Pressure-Plate Bolts NWT-002B – $25.95 plus shipping

Clutch Kit NWT-002 – $429 plus shipping