For those that complete an engine swap, suspension swap or just want heavy duty replacement drive shafts we have you covered from Mild to Wild!

We now offer full custom built drive lines and components.

Rebuilt Drive shafts

We have several options during this service that are available. We can shorten, lengthen, install new u-joints, or add thick wall tube. Most standard Toyota drive shafts are .092 wall thickness. For our thick wall tubes we typically use .187 wall tube but any thickness can be substituted at customer request.

Standard shaft service includes inspection of shaft when it arrives at our location. We can then shorten, or lengthen your shaft to customer supplied specs, and the new drive shaft once it has been rebuilt!

Thick wall tube replacement of shaft

New U-joints if needed

Long spline slip shaft available

Rebuilt drive shafts: item number NWT-0124 Starting at $249 plus shipping. There is a $100 core charge if you don’t want to send in your shaft.

Toyota A340/341 to Toyota drive shaft flange!

Did you complete your 1uz swap and A341 transmission to only find that the Lexus unit uses a 3 bolt flange and rubber donut? Yeah that is not a good thing. For those that are staying 2wd and wanting to retain the Toyota drive shaft we now offer a custom built flange that will fit the spline count of the A340/341 tranny and give you options to then keep a u-joint Toyota shaft! This makes the shaft options easy and endless!

Here is the drive shaft bolt pattern options available for your A340/341 with our case flange.

  • 1963-8/69 FJ40, 1979-83 Hilux, 64 x 56 x 8mm
  • 1984+ Pickup, 60 x 60 x 10mm (non-CV)
  • 1986-87 Turbo, 1988+ V6, FJ60, 66 x 66 x 11mm

Toyota A340/ 341 to Toyota drive flange: item number NWT-0123 $129 plus shipping. There is a $25 core charge for the A340/341 3 bolt flange on this item. 

Differential Flange

We offer a triple drilled flange as a cheap and easy upgrade for those that want to have options for which drive shaft they want to run! Makes it easy to have options for a replacement if you have a failure when your out on the trail.

Item number: NWT-0125 $39 plus shipping

Long spline shafts

When installing a long travel suspension system and/or crossover steering the front drive shaft spline is just not long enough to get the job done.

The kit allows a full 8″ of slip travel. This is not some cheap rip off like other companies offer. This is a very high quality drive line kit that is Made in Japan!

Includes a new high quality Japanese-made U-Joint, which is the same u-joint as stock 1984-1995 Pickup & 4Runner applications.

To install, cut the tube from your drive shaft and replace with a length of .095 or .120 wall tubing. Set up the drive shaft so that you have 3″ of compression and 5″ of extension at ride height.

Item number: NWT-0127 $220 plus shipping