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I am looking forward to talking about our toys!  If you want to share feel free to do it here.  Coming soon is more on the 1UZ swap and Solid axle conversions.  See you soon!


We are starting a 1uz build for 4WD Toyota Magazine. Stay tuned for updates and progress on our build!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my webpage

  1. enjoyed reading through your build on yotatech. really interested in you front setup. been looking into doing a sas on my 94 ext cab for a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger due to the insane lift most have after doing the swap.

    1. I was looking for a reasonable amount of front end lift and we are able to accomplish this with the setup we put together. When your ready, feel free to let me know and we would be happy to get you a SAS put together to suit your needs!

        1. An email has been sent to you. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to let me know and I would be happy to walk you thru the details.



  2. Awesome! Ive been wanting to do the 1UZ-FE swap for some time now but have been on the fence do to the need of custom parts or piecing things together. Finally someone out there making it happen for us toyota enthusiasts. Thanks NorthwestToys, I will be in touch –

    Love, Peace, and Yota Grease

    1. We are happy to be here and helping all Toyota enthusiasts get there Toyota built the way they want it.

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