NWT has extensive off-road recovery and winching experience because we get stuck too. The gear you need is in-stock because it’s how we got unstuck: winches, synthetic and classic ropes, snatch and cheater straps, block and tackle, D-rings, safe hooks, clevises and traction boards. NWT keeps essential brands like ARB, Comeup, Superwinch and Warn in the warehouse (with more goodies on the way).

If there’s a device or brand that you like for off-road recovery, we’d like to know about it.

ARB equipment answers questions your truck will ask: Whose locker is that? How do I winch-point that tree without murdering it? Does your jack go to 11? Do you have onboard air? Tested and proven in the Outback, there’s a reason everyone has some ARB stuff.

ARB Bumpers are designed for winching strength and airbag compatibility.ARB Essentials Recovery Kit with cheater and strap, D-rings and snatch-block.ARB Air Pressure Gauge.ARB TRED Recovery Boards come in a set of two.

COMEUP winches and gear are renown for their quality and top-notch customer service. NWT has tested Comeup’s products and is pleased to offer them to you – what’s pictured here and more.Comeup Gen2 9500 pound electric winch with steel cable.
Item number NWT-PN295950

Comeup Gen2 9500s pound electric winch with synthetic rope.
Item number NWT-PN295990

Comeup Gen2 9500i electric winch steel rope and integrated winch body.
Item number NWT-PN295980

Superwinch builds winches that work. Spend a little more for a fast-winding winch running synthetic, or save a few bucks on a classic, reliable design pulling high-quality steel. NWT knows their products well.Superwinch LP 8500 12-volt winch with steel cable.

Superwinch Talon 9.5ISR 12-volt winch with synthetic rope.Superwinch Talon 9.5SR 12-volt winch with synthetic rope.

Warn’s winches and support gear are the brand you know because they’ve been around forever. Manufacturers don’t endure if their products won’t, and NWT can get you fitted.Warn M8000 winch with steel cable.Warn Zeon 10s winch with synthetic rope.Warn Sidewinder hitch & recovery ring.

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